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Poems, 1990

The Darkness before the birth, the feeling of a dirty, disgraceful rip-off. Abstinence From Life.

The Body overflows the law, under the latter's eye it is the body itself that becomes body of evidence.

The crime continues according to bloody rituals in the name of Nobody.
the concealment of the corpse turns into its opposite: the exhibited body.

The aesthete frees the victim of the veil which made a spectre of her, the murderer awakes, he's got coagula of rusty blood on his lips, but he does not remember the lethal bite.

The genius vanishes, his steps follow the existence of a bodily object in a maze of hallucinated impressions and illusions. A minstrel show of the mind, where concepts and senses perform on an empty stage. Yeah! I refuse to ingratiate myself with the spectators, I refuse to quench my thirst with their Sweat.

The project is accomplished in our causal thinking, which must always produce sense. Oh! Wonderful moment, expansion of the Sacred pain, the Moment you accept the way out of your own existence. When the party reaches its peak, now, I get dragged till wings begin to grow on me, I learned to fly a few days ago.

'Dissimulate your madness by simulating another folly".
Are you afraid to die? I know it, that's why I have created the Extra-body.

Emptied of your organs you survive, and I mean You Survive. Tied to Satan by a contract, the blood from your own flesh as signature. Sleep your life away, get immortal and insensitive. The Murder of the Imaginary Danger.


Darko Maver, Ljubljana 1990

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