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C.U.K.T-Technical Culture Central Office (Poland)

technical culture is the whole of machine and human work, collected, stored and continually enriched; the level of development of societies, groups and units in a given era, conditioned by the degree of mastering the human factor, by the state of knowledge and creativity and by the degree of co-existence of humans and machines.

technical culture is characterised by objectivity, professionalism, standarization, measurement and progress.

in a culture where the machine with its impersonal and endlessly repeated operations is considered as the tool of progress, subjectivity becomes a thing principally unaccepted.

technical culture functions on a mathematical level and is based on the possibility of translation of everything into numbers.

extreme subjectivism gives rise to the need for creation of objectivity as fiction.

mathematization of reality consists in exchanging of facts into statistical data and problems into equations.

objectivity explains the fiction of facts.

technical culture is a system of information flow.

the motor of technical culture is economy.

objective measurement, classification and archivization create documents.

technical culture is mass culture. documents create fictitious objectivity.

the most efficient economy is the one which perceives humans as markets.

document is a subjective fact.

statistics is the most popular and the most efficient science.

technical culture art is manipulating of information.

what cannot be measured does not exist or has no value at all.

the aspect of interpersonal relations which would not undergo technicization and in result would not be subject to professional control does not exist.

the degree of indispensability of electricity needed to produce an art work is an idicator of technical culture art.

the cult of technology is a sign of lack of technical culture.

in technical culture the avant-garde does not exist, classics does not exist, selective or popular art does not exist- the only criterion of value is speed and scope of influence and the efficiency on the cybermarket.

technical culture is a system of information control.

creation and distribution of information is the basis of power. secrecy makes information more powerful.

uncontrolled information may be deadly.

technology makes information shorter.

in technical culture existent theories do not engage in the issue of accepting or denying a piece of information of moral reasons.

efficiency, profit and economic progress replace morality.

information is a thing one can buy and sell irrespective of its use and importance.

whether information is important or not is of no importance.

information is endowed with importance by institutions: religions, families, schools, offices, courts, the state.

technical culture art is a projection of the consciousness onto the omnisensual hallucination of the matrix.

powerful and complex organizations are a visible sign of advanced technology to the same extent as machines are.

technical culture central office is: a perfectly co-ordinated series of techniques serving to reduce information, which need processing.

striving for the most rational usage of information C.U.K.T. ignores all information and ideas which do not increase office efficiency.

C.U.K.T. officials consider the results of their decisions solely to the extent to which they influence the efficiency of actions and they do not take over the responsibility for the human-type consequences.


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