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I found this message on internet and thought it would be a very good message to ripp off and through on here. Read it, think about it.

         As long as people feel they fit in better in a world of technology, CP won't die. The loss of a artifical surge != death.

I am sure that as soon as Neuromancer is made we will have a new surge of interest. I for one will happy to never see another "What is CP" or "Is this CP" post in my existance. Bye Bye stupid people!!

         If cyberpunks threw a party, the real cyberpunks would be the ones in groups of three to six standing outside talking about the future. Everyone inside is a popularist faker. They are the idiots who thought they could change the world by being class president. The idiots who related lots of stupid signs to competence and a superioir ideology.

         We are still the future. Information is power, and thus it is the ultimate comodity. We will deal in building and destroying empires via the network. Information will be everywhere, the stupid people (class jocks and high society members) will be our slaves, flip burgers , and pump our gas. Being male I have other plans for the primping cheerleaders.

         We all hack for various reasons. I like to think of myself as a cyberbaron dealing in information to the highest bidder. Don't be an idiot and climb the corporate ladder, pull down the ladder and everyone on it. Then take the ladder and place yourself where you want to be.

         We can't do any worse than our forefathers. It is time we relieved them of command. We sat in class and did our homework while the "upper crust" partyed and screwed around. Now we have the information and the power to ruin their lives. Then we can control the world and change the schools so that science labs and computers terminals dominate the interior while football fields grow webs. We will take the gyms and turn them into VR rooms with padded walls so we don't hurt ourselves.

         The classes, okay throw out PE and the other stupid Liberal Arts timewasters. Replace them with independent studies and let students make their own degree. In the future, we can throw out the SAT and college and companies will pick from the students who have done the best projects, just like they pick PHD's.

         As far the future of CP, it will define itself. Its power is beyond us because it more than the sum of us. Wired and M2 wouldn't sell out if we were dead.

         I do like flames!

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