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#amigascne madness by Macno

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You are there
9685 entities scattered all over the planet and gathered in 5765 chambers
Spatial jokes of a virtual world
9685 nicknames Female Male Bot

IRC's population is an heterogeneous assembly of minds, algorhythms, logged ghosts.
Entering, quitting, joining, leaving, multitasking, doing other things.


Thousands of verbal rivers, public and private, exchanging concepts, acknowledgements and bare informations.
Thousands of minds communicating, from continent to continent, typing with their monitors, talking with unseen mates.

24 hours a day No pauses No breaks

Streams of babilonian chats, chasing one another across the paths of the net.

Wait some seconds in the idle zone, think about what is running all around you.
Breath deeply, get ready to jump into a pool of chats, messages, smiles.

/join #amigascne

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Watch out the naughty Scene!

Session Start: Tue May 07 18:59:50 1996
*** Now talking in #amigascne
<swoop_> tactica: guess i can:(.. this period has been shit.. not been able to see ANYTHING lately.. I am looking forward to TINT, The GATE, death sentence, SKARLA demo etc
<sCARFAZU> swoop.. heard anything from you-know-who? ;)
<swoop_> magic: asm? maybe
<Tactica> Who the hell is Jaren Tell ?
<MOPpy> Ale!!!!!
<sCARFAZU> tact'.. brother of Wilhelm..
<iSo> HAHA!
<sCARFAZU> re mop!
<Tactica> swoop: The skarla demo.. is quite.. hmm.. hmm..
<MeloMania> HEY! Anyone know if theres an IRC where I can reach JEROEN TEL or CHARLES DEENEN??
<Thd> Ehmm ..
<iSo> jeroen tell is a musician ...
<MeloMania> That must be for the DUTCH guys here...

Alternative version - The Sound of Silence

You enter, mute names attend your first steps on the channel. You see them, Sceners on screen, lurking, sleeping, messaging privately or just playing the ghosts, while their bodies live another life in the world of matter and smells.

> Do you see them? Proud of being ch-op, looking without seeing, ghosts of lost souls... look at them, sceners made of words who can't even manage to leave a sign of their existence! :-D

> r they meditating?...
> lurking?
> multitasking?
<Raider> Macno: Sleeping???
> messaging?
> oR SMOKING HAPPILY THEIR JOINTS or drinking their Kossu!
<PapaII> Dont smoke the toke if you cant take the choke!
<Raider> Macno: <snore> hehe!
> Strange world, raider, strange world this one...

When you put your head inside the channel everything can happen.
Flooded by hot discussions, stormed by multi-language chats, freezed in an innatural silence.
You may wonder where you are and where others are, but it's pointless.

IRC is pure madness.
Words in IRC have the taste of floating vapour, they can mix themselves in parallel combinations, leaving traces of misunderstandings and crumbles of semantic mysteries.
Words in IRC ride personal waves.

A silent channel may mean a storm of private messages or just a dead coffin of bodyless connections.
What does a nickname logged in 24 hours a day?
Just keeps and assigns the chop status?
Just stays there?
Just lurks and grabs whatever is said publically?

Just not your business.

A silent channel may mean a net lag.
Routes that don't find their ways, bytes that crawl across the paths of mixed protocols.
You can follow discussions based on entirely different personal times.
While you wait, lagged in your limbo of exhausted connections, others may be flooded by hectic public and private chats.
There's never an unique #amigascne, every client has its own version, with its own sequence of quotes, its own list of joining and leaving characters, its own private messages.
Time and space are really relative here, net lags shift the channel in multiple #amigascne where the natives feed their endless flow of words, giving life to a schizofrenic entity, whose bounds are undefined and unclear, whose soul is twisted and torn by bizarre routing tables.

It's an organism in constant evolution, its appearance is slightly different for each cell of its body. A battleground of words, hindered behind nicknames whose identity is not always clear.

Irc's private discussions may reach levels of intimity and openess hard to obtain in normal live chats. Typing on a keyboard and watching a screen gives a different dimension to communication.
It filters many elements than in live meetings can easily influence the way people behave.

Despite the fact that you talk with people living thousands of kilometres far from you, despite the fact that you don't know, at times, their real sex, that you have never seen them, you don't know how they behave, you don't know almost anything of them, despite all this the number of very close relations and friendships created in IRC is enormous.
Friends of some pixels on screen, unique mask of a spirit breathing far away.

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How many different scenes are gathering in IRC channels?
How many tribes of indigens with different interests populate the immaterial world of IRC? What will happen when the number of the Internet visitors will multiplied by two, five, ten?
Channel wars? Invasions? Floods? Injuries and victims?

They're already happening. Raiders of terror launch evil bots inside channels, flooding, kicking, destroying, breaking the balls. It's all part of the game.

New languages are being created in the Irc chambers. Emoticons, abbreviations, typing mistakes made rule; English language is falling into pieces, polluted by external influences, slangs and foreign idioms.

Internet is underlining and reinforcing its status of World Language but at the same time it's contaminating and distorting it in curious ways.
World English, the one spoken on the Internet, is going to be a cauldron of strange and eterogeneous English dialects, based on the influences of the local languages.

Plan your route to #amigascne, you'll discover how.

Precedentemente pubblicato su Generation 22,
rivista su disco sulla scena demo Amiga

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