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The judge dramatist Gennaro Francione has elaborated the rough draft of UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF ART (DUDDA) which they have already joined all the members of the Committee of Defense of the Museum of the Cinema of Rome. It will be possible to underwrite the Paper 11 November 2002 during the Assembly that will keep itself near: Museum of the Cinema of Rome Via Portuense 101.


considered that every creative has the own rights;

considered that the supremacy of the art and the culture on the economy renders the protection of the right to the art and the knowledge of the priority man of every forehead to other material and economic interest;
considered that the acknowledgment from part of the human species of the right to the creativity and the knowledge, founded on Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, constitutes the foundation of the co-existence of the life in the World;
considered that the art and the culture go managed from the artists and they do not give the merchants and from the technocrats;
considered that a concrete straight of access to the art and the culture - meant in rafforzativo which straight not to be excluded - is fundamental for the elevation of the Man, that it is come true replacing it puts into effect it them hierarchical model to Pyramid of the society with the new Spherical structure of platonic memory;
considered that to the author of the work, megaphone of the expressed knowledge and the art in name of the Man in Large, goes recognized the moral right of author and solo exploitation limiting straight trades them, that to the aim to conciliate the creativity characterizes them with the economic and moral right of everyone to have use of of its work;
considered that the primarietà of the art on the economy involves the affirmation of an unconditioned right to the expression and the information without that some censorship can be practiced;
considered in particular that the education to the creativity and the knowledge is the foundation of the discipline of new infancy so that it learns to observe, to comprise, to respect and to love the World in one spirit of free eguaglianza, gratuità and solidarity of the works;
Considered, finally, than the Utopy of the New World he is realizable above all through Internet and it goes cultivated replacing to the model of the Man Bureaucrat the figure of the Man Artist.


Article 1

The World is one Republic Democratic, founded on the Art.
The sovereignty belongs to the Artists and the People, than they exercise it in the modalities indicated in the Paper.

Article 2

The World recognizes and guarantees the inviolabili rights of the Man Artist, is like single is in the social formations where carries out its personality.

Article 3

The Artists are born equal in front of the life and have the same rights to the aesthetic existence, without no distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions also in relation to the quality of the works all of equal dignity.
It is task of the World to remove the obstacles of economic and social order, than, limiting of fact the freedom, the eguaglianza, the fratellanza of the Artists, they prevent to the full development of the human person and the participation effective of all the Artists to the political, economic and social organization of the planet.

Article 4

Every Artist has straight to the respect.
The Artist has the right to carry out, second the own abilities and the own choice, an art that concurs to the spiritual progress of the society.
The World recognizes to all the Artists the right to the acknowledgment of their work and promotes the conditions that render effective this right.

Article 5

The art and the knowledge are free and free, being concurred limited solos exceptions with the gratuità with accessible prices however to the people and particularly to infancy.

Article 6

To the author of the work it is recognized the moral right of author and the mere possession to name altrui(detentio) of the artistic shapes, with exploitation reducing straight trades them, without that chicchessia it can boast some absolute property on the artistic product.
Every limitation mails to the fine art and to the culture from the homo oeconomicus to pure mercantile it constitutes an attack to the art and the knowledge of the humanity.

Article 7

All have par straight to manifest liberations just the thought with the word, written and every the other means of spread without some penalistica repression of such faculty.
The publication of works, the press, the television, every Internet and other average diffusivo of the art and the knowledge cannot be subject to authorizations or censorships.

Article 8

The Artists have the privileged and loyal right to manage means of production, spread and distribution of the art and the knowledge.

Article 9

The Artists and the People straight have equal, concrete and unconditioned of access to the average private publics and, all comprised and nobody excluded, in compartecipazione to guarantee in any case with the system of the spin.

Article 10

The Artists have straight to equanime the division of the spaces, the structures and the public subsidies to guarantee in any case with the system of the spin.
The World reserves treatments privileges to you to the Mecenati that privately and in way equanime the artistic activity subsidizes.

Article 11

The artists have the right to the Fratellanza and the Cooperation, put into effect through associations of mutual aid with the task to guarantee their material and spiritual life.
The associations of protection and safeguard of the Artists must be represented to governmental level.

Article 12

The Artist has an only fundamental duty: the Man.

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