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SCENERY AMIGA VERSION 1.39 by Glenn Lunder
... the scenery project ... (c) 1996-2002 Glenn Lunder ....................


(c) Glenn Lunder 1996-2002

scenery amiga version 1.39 (june 2002)

Not much to say this time... Here's a new edition of scenery, at last. A few things are different, but most of it remains the same. We now have some reviews from Zito (previously published as part of DemoRide) incorporated into the text, thanks to him for that. The bullet points are forever gone, replaced with a (imho) better system. But the crust of scenery remains the same, of course. This edition contains a lot of small fixes too, hopefully strengthening the text here and there. There's just more to love ;)

Once again, there are lots of submitted material that I have just not had the time to insert yet. If you are one of those that sent me info, that is not yet a part of the text, then I can only seek to apologise. I still have all your material here, it's all just down to a lack of time. My todo folder is, still, enormous.

A few people might have noticed that I took a handle since last time. I kept getting confused with Glenn Rune Gallefoss/Shape at #c-64, and upon checking I found YET ANOTHER scener using the handle of 'glenn'. Slummy/Spaceballs suggested 'Menace' as part of a long-running gag (see Spaceballs' "The Last Finger" for a credits entry for Glenn the Menace), and so it became. It's still me, just under a catchier name ;)

I'm leaving for a vacation now, but I will return with a new edition once I get back. And, who knows, there might just be a surprise or two next time around ;)

-- menace/scenery project, june 2002.

... how to read scenery amiga .............................................

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THIS section will hopefully answer any question you may have about how to read Scenery. It explains the various shortcodes used in the entries, and the system we use to organize the information. Below is what any entry in the main part of Scenery might look like:

Cool Group (CLG,, 199x-199x) ----------------------------------------------------- NOR> Cool Norwegian (code), Cool Painter (gfx), Cool Musician (music). HOL> Cool Gfxian (gfx, ex Cool Graphics Team, new 02/97). ???> The Guy From Another Place (code gfx music ascii sysop 'BBS').

Here is where you'll find the group's history and any other significant information. If it's a group that's been around, with some tradition, expect me to go on endlessly and get terribly nostalgic :D 199x - This is a summary of the year's events for the group.

· Demo Name (1997, 01.01, AGA 4MB HD Multifile Slideshow).
code: Coder, gfx: Artist, music: Musician.
3rd at The Party 199x intro/demo/slideshow/whatever competition.
review: Seeing as this is just a dummy example and not a real review, I won't bother with writing anything remotely comprehensible here. So hrjs!
· GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

The heading perhaps needs extra explanation. The basic format is this:

Demo Name (year,, requirements description).

And here are some of the codes you'll encounter:

.. graphics

ECS The production works fine with OCS/ECS chipsets (˝mb chip assumed).
AGA The production requires the AGA chipset (2mb chip assumed).
CYB The production requires/supports CyberGfx compatible 24-bit graphics.
P16 The production requires/supports Picasso 16 compatible 24-bit graphics.
020 The production requires a 68020 or higher processor. With AGA productions, this is a given, so this coded will only appear on OCS/ECS productions.
030 The production requires a 68030 or higher processor.
040 The production requires a 68040 or higher processor.
060 The production requires a 68060 or higher processor.
PPC The production requires a PowerPC processor.

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.. memory

˝MBThe production requires ˝MB fast ram.
1MB The production requires 1MB fast ram.
2MB The production requires 2MB fast ram.
4MB The production requires 4MB fast ram.
8MB The production requires 8MB fast ram.
16MB The production requires 16MB fast ram.
32MB The production requires 32MB fast ram.

.. misc
FPU The production requires a Floating Point Unit maths coprocessor.
HD The production requires Hard Disk installation.

What follows are some of the 'codes' you'll encounter while reading the party section, and their meaning. The first two letters usually signify the platform, thus:

64 - commodore 64
ac - acorn archimedes
am - amiga
at - atari
java - java (platform independent)
lx - linux
pc - pc
psx - playstation

And they are always followed by one of these:

demo - demo
intro - intro
4k - 4k intro
40k - 40k intro
64k - 64k intro
game - games
-dos - (pc only) demo, dos based.
-3d - (pc only) demo, 3d accelerated.

And finally these are some other codes you're likely to find...

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anim - graphics animation.
ansi - ansi (pc 16 color textmode) graphics.
ascii - ascii (amiga iso) graphics.
gfx - graphics, usually meaning hand-pixeled.
gfx24b - graphics, 24bit, usually meaning hand-pixeled.
raytrac - graphics, usually meaning raytraced.
rayanim - raytraced animation.

4chmus - 4channel music
chipmus - chip music
mp3 - mp3 music
multich - multichannel music
wild - wild demo

... winners ..............................................................

For purely statistical reasons, here are the 'demo of the year' winners...

1988 - D.O.C "Demons Are Forever" (germany).
1989 - Red Sector Inc. "Megademo" (germany).
1990 - Scoopex "Mental Hangover" (finland).
1991 - Phenomena "Enigma" (sweden).
1992 - Spaceballs "State of the Art" (norway).
1993 - Kefrens "Desert Dream" (denmark).
1994 - Andromeda "Nexus 7" (norway).
1995 - Artwork "Greenday" (germany).
1996 - The Black Lotus "Tint" (sweden/holland).
1997 - The Black Lotus "Captured Dreams" (sweden/holland).
1998 - Mellow Chips/TRSI "Rise" (finland).
1999 - Haujobb "Mnemonics" (germany).
2000 - Haujobb "Megademo 2000" (germany/denmark).
2001 - The Black Lotus "A Perfect Circle" (sweden).
2002 - n/a

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