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SCENERY PROJECT C64 VERSION 1.40 by Glenn Lunder
--- the scenery project --- (c) 1996-2002 Glenn Lunder ---

s c e n e r y
p r o j e c t
c 6 4
(c) Glenn Lunder 1996-2002

scenery64 version 1.40 (september 2002)

Hi everyone. Notice anything new up above? ;) Yes, I've joined Spaceballs. For you, the avid scenery reader, this will mean nothing. I will refrain from reviewing any further SPB demos, of course, since my objectivity is naturally of importance. I will provide all the data (credits and such), but not write reviews of them. Other than that, everything stays as normal. But, the fact that I've joined an active demoscene group is not the only development for scenery this time. I've been asked by several people to include a list of new things for each release, and I've compiled a small one - though bear in mind that for each new release there are HUNDREDS of small fixes/additions made that will NOT be recorded here. This list only reflects MAJOR new developments. Believe me, any other policy would make the list humongous. The full list is referenced below. Enjoy!

-- menace/spaceballs^scenery project

** news: Bodycount (review "Vandalism News #10"), Byterapers Inc. (review "World of Code", "Extremes"; history), Dekadence (misc; review "My Kondom"), Fairlight (review "Reformation #3", "Runemania", "Visual Orgasm"), Smash Designs (history; reviews "Street of Illusion", "West Light", "Amgine"), Unicess (review "Popcorn #3").

ps: For readers on the windows platform, we recommend the excellent Windows Commander ('s "compare by content" function for a better overview of what is new... There's a LOT more than the small list above might have you thinking! ;)
ps2: For the next version I will revise this editorial file, which really needs it by now... It's been relatively unchanged since the start, really.

--- 64 specific... --------------------------------------------------------

Each platform I work on present its own unique set of problems, and the C64 is no different. One quite special thing about the C64 scene is that virtually all scenerelated releases - including utilities - have a visual, scene-oriented side to them. There's intros on everything! :) In my eyes, this is a GOOD thing, and I want S64 to reflect that. Therefore, anything with 'scene value' is reviewed, and you can expect to find utility reviews in along with all the usual demos, intros and diskmags. Another thing is the unique functions that the 64 scene presents. For instance, the function 'fixer' describes someone who fixes cracked games for NTSC or PAL compatibility. Another unique function is 'cover', which means the person who draws the papercovers for disks that are spread by mailswappers across the scene. I have chosen to not include this function, when I come across it, since it does not show up on the screen.

But anyone who has stuff like this lying around, old covers or even scene stickers, scan and send! It will make an interesting addon for the scenery64 cd's ;)

--- glossary --------------------------------------------------------------

This (still very much in development) section will describe some of the c64- specific words and expressions, so that outsiders can better understand them. And so that even pc sceners can know what a DYCP, a sprite multiplexer or a rastersplit is =)

- DYCP or Different Y Char Position ...
- DYPP or Different Y Pixel Position is pretty much the same as what we would call a sinescroller on the amiga.

--- where to start... -----------------------------------------------------

Most of the stuff reviewed in Scenery64 has been viewed through the superior emulator CCS64 ( by Per Håkan Sundell - known to amiga sceners as the cracker PHS/CCS and under his real name as one of the authors of PlaySid. This emulator offers superior compatibility, speed and is continually updated. Versions are offered for both DOS and WINDOWS (DirectX), and also versions with support for the HARDSID soundcard.

There are several other emulators also available, search the major c64 portals on the web for additional information. We recommend and as good starting points on the web.

For general c64 scene news, there is no beating

We also recommend, which has helped us secure hard-to- find productions in the past.
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