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Ego-Stimulation by Parsec
A man with wisdom to sell said once:
Blues is nothing else than a good man who suffers hard thinking to the woman he once had.

( Crossroads )

I was looking for my woman in my bed but all that I found are some crumbles of what I always intended to write and do but I never did.

( Parsec )


Written by Parsec

Thought by Macno & Parsec


As an old jester in a mirror, a man is sadly compelled to aknowledge his age and his mental structure. To avoid it it's safer and painless but it's not a big deal.

Nothing in here will sound new to you.
Ego-stimulation is in us all.
We just never gave a name to it.


If you compare Freud's "Libido" to the necessity of having our genetic code reproduced and supported we can speak about "Ego-stimulation" as what we get following the necessity of having confirmation that our mental structure is good and can serve us for all the purpose we are intended to use it.

So it is a primal biological consequence similar to the psychologic desease described by Fromm as "Narcisism" or the bending of all the "libido wires" toward ourselves. We all have the same basic esigences but these are remarked more or less depending from the singles tendences. While balanced people extend the wires of their libido toward most of the objects outside ( The Carillon first, the School Bag then the Car or the computer ) the pathologic case has tied his libido inward, toward himself.

We all lived this situation, being us into our mother for 9 months. All we knew was ourselves and few other things ( I.e. The RED colour or the wet sensation of warm and protective liquid silent ). So we tied ourselves to our primitive form of consciousness. Our mental "Modus Operandi".

This tendence can grow in a more evoluted sort of mutation when we can't expand our libidos to other things and it remains tied to our own mind. Instead of having interest in the world around us we keep ourselves as the most valuable thing known.

In well-balanced minds this phenomenon is, however, also present and Fromm describes this as a normal biological tendence remarked by the normal survival instinct so we can deduce that, however, every mind since the beginning of humankind as we know it today, always felt the need to receive positive Ego-stimulation or, in other words, felt the need of being considered well-thinking.

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There are many ways to obtain Ego-stimulation but only few of them really give strong, compact and effective Ego-stimulation. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of Ego-stimulating activities but they can all be reduced to one single mass law. Expressing the production of our mental structure we expose the structure itself. When we receive appreciation for this we receive inner satisfaction and the result is an Ego-stimulating activity. Singing, painting, playing theatre or composing are parts of the same thing. So we can say that Arts are one of the first activity to be Ego-stimulating or generally:

The more an activity is related to our mental structure or, generally to us, the more, when it's appreciated, it results in Ego-stimulation.


Survival instinct and reproductive instinct can't explain alone the whole developing of the modern social structure. If we include the need of being Ego-stimulated in the basic biological needs, a clearer structure will emerge.

Historical leaders should have been very Ego-stimulated to manage to conquer whole continents and whole populations, travel trough oceans and discover new lands. We probably learn in schools that Einstein "loved" to study and discover or Alexander The Great just "wanted" to conquer the world but they never told us why the hell they wanted to do so instead of being simply workers or farmers. The most probable hypothesys is that they were just very Ego-stimulated by the idea of being such smart asses.

The concept itself of "scene", widely described in the first issue of Abnomega, is completely based on Ego-stimulation. Every human congregation has the structure of a scene and the scene's engine it's the Ego-stimulation.

It's the idea of being Ego-stimulated that leads every scene member of every scene to work on the scene-related productions and it's the Ego- stimulation that leads every follower of a scene to join the scene and become a scener.

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To be correct people is not enough the respect of laws alone. It's necessary to adeguate the behaviours to the basic principles of social human life who forbid to do to others what we don't want done to ourselves.

( A Driving-License Manual )
( Not joking )

A poorly cuddled child or a child without his father or fruit of a society that refused to make him join the first involving activities. All of those experiences can generate in one's mind the lack of self-confidence that, growing older, can be source of problems from anorhessia or stuttering to the simple shyness or embarrassement.

Ego-stimulation is what insicure people need. Very deep changes can be remarked among insicure people who received massive doses of people's agreement. Ego-stimulation can fulfill the lack of self-confidence in those who lost it due to any environmental factor of any importance.

The main motivation that can explain the presence of people with problems based on lack of self-confidence is that their desease stops them from exposing their mental structure or themselves and, of course, the fact that they suppose themselves to be normal and, all in all, well balanced people.


The Media world always knew ( Or had many happy intuitions about ) that the right way to obtain something from people is to interact with it so that they can think to be smart.

The first try in Ego-stimulation in TV shows and movies was merely based on having the subject projecting himself into the story of the movie, on the character and it worked fine.

Now it's a bit different. TV shows tend to involve people at home, you will always hear "And you can do it also at home!". The future of TV and Movies is toward the total involving of who's watching. Tomorrow's trend is the Virtual Reality where you totally interact. So KARAOKE is born and it works even better.

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To know we're able in doing what we intend to do is Ego-stimulating. Let's talk i.e. of Videogames. A VG designer could put a big red gadget in the middle of the screen and say "Ok. To win you must click in the gadget". I'm ready to bet that his videogame will not sell a copy. The problem isn't the lenght in time of the game. If you think to that kind of fast and violent videogames where you are suddenly killed as soon as you enter the game you should see what I mean.

Even that Videogame is however more Ego-stimulating because it throws a challenge. Designers could put infinite weapons in their game or fast starships... but the slower the ship, the involving the game. So a designer put a LOT of stupid and easy-to-defeat enemies and it also create a lot of nice explosions so that you'll be satisfied. Of course our brain is not so stupid to really Ego-stimulate for such an easy task... but the feeling of being slighty stimulated is worth a coin and that's what they do for a living: Build machines to spread small doses of Ego-stimulation. Enough to stimulate your mind in a very subliminal way and always not enough to make you feel the urge to have it again the sooner.


It's actually possible to self-stimulate our ego but the fruits of this behaviour can viciously deviate our mind since they can make us lose focus on reality. Self-Ego-stimulation is like masturbation. We fool our body showing him mental and/or real images pregnant of sexual meanings and our body, following Pavlovian's reflexes, get excited. Then we stimulate our body in order to obtain the pleasure tied to the feeling of being reproducting.

With the same mechanism we can self-stimulate our Ego. Following the same logic we just need to fool our mind in order to simulate the experience of being ego stimulated. A nice experiment could be to put on your stereo a tape with a lot of people cheering and then concentrate on their voices and just feel they're cheering at you.

Like masturbation it will be nice while you are doing it.

Like masturbation you'll feel stupid when it ends.

Real Ego-stimulation always comes from others' comments and has real affecting power only when we know that other people appreciate our mental structure or our mental productions. A lot of people has a non-proportionated self opinion about themselves mainly because they self-Ego-stimulate subliminally. Probaby they just look at their productions as if they were considered great by many people. This leads, in the long run, to deep delusions since the opinion they had about their expressions wasn't based on other's comments.

This is, of course, misleading and wrong and it can be taken as a good example to clearly show that humbleness is the only way to obtain later deep Ego-stimulation. If we consider neutral every mental structure and every production of it, every negative comment on it will suggest us new ways to work, improving our creative process with no pain. every positive comment will ego stimulate us improving our self opinin.

When we know that someone is talking nice about one of our expressions the first thing that comes to our mind is to say to ourselves or to anyone present at the moment that we don't know him and we have influenced that comment with anything else that our work. A stark example of the power of other's comments on our brain.

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Fromm speaks also about another phenomenon in the common mind's structure. The tendence to make everything fit the "daily" standard. Our brain has the tendence to live things in order to make them become abitudinary so it can hold a better control on them. Ego-stimulation, under this point of view, offers some negative turns. If we obtained strong egostimulation because of our mental structure, we quickly will adequate our brain to this new stimulation that comes from the external environment.

We will rapidly become insensible to the normal dose of Ego-stimulation but in the same time we will increase the need of being stimulated. Under this point of view Ego-stimulation can be seen as an heavy drug and lead to the very same problems of it with the only difference of giving a mental-only addiction similar to cocaine.

Note: Too bad I know not much about Endocrinology but it could be interesting to study how ego stimulations interact with endocrin glandes and what substances are secerned while being ego stimulated. Under this point of view Ego-stimulation can lead people to something more than just mental addiction.


Probably the idea of being Ego-stimulated can hardly manage to sound unpleasant ( being this idea Ego-stimulating itself ) but this kind of stimulation offers negative aspects that we can't afford to miss.

Base of the human chance to improve is the self consciousness of being capable of doing crappy errors at any time. You will never find enyone saying "I'm perfect" just because it's common opinion that this can't be true. So you'll find a lot of people who just nods when talking about this kind of self criticism but never really tried a so hard operation. The main idea of being self-critic is well seen by the social environment so: it's Ego-stimulating to claim it but ther's no need to really be it.

Another intresting fact is that most of the people ( Including yourself ) can probably bet that they ARE effectively conscious of being able to go wrong and ready to admit it whenever necessary.

Nice to see so many hands standing.

It's hard to realize that "being capable of doing wrong and admit it" it doesn't mean that we can say "I'm wrong" when we are wrong. It means that we may do something honestly considered good without realizing that we are instead going very wrong. If we already have done an action, we hardly will come back and consider it negative. I know it sounds bad but think on it for a moment. When someone tell us something about one of our negative behaviours we suddenly feel the urge to explain the motivation behind that behaving. That's because we don't like the idea of having done something wrong and we mostly dislike those who go wrong. Explaining is a way to deviate the guilty and motivate it but for the very same motivation that leads us to explain us we ARE effectively guilty.

The more we assume we're doing the right, the more it will be difficult for us to admit our errors. Under this point of view Ego-stimulation is very dangerous because it inhibits the natural self-consciousness tendence and the self-critic system necessary to evolve in better states of mind.

Note that this is a dossier on Ego-stimulation alone so I'll not spend time explaining you why I consider mental evolution good for humankind assuming you already evolved to this point of view.

I'm sure this documentation will open new discussion about Ego-stimulation. How it has influenced humankind's minds? What has been done under influence of Ego-stimulation? How many of us are abnormally Ego-stimulated? Is Macno an Ego-stimulation-addicted?

The field is wide and still to be explored.

All that's blues, sonny.

( Crossroads )

So what?

( Macno )

Precedentemte pubblicato su ROM 7, rivista su disco sulla scena demo Amiga

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