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All true hackers have thier own set of ethics, a sort of rules that he/she goes by when hacking. The ethics of a real hacker are much different from that of a lamer or virus spreader. All a lamer cares about is getting warez and forgetting credit where credit is due. All a virus spreader wants to do is spread viruses and delete files. People such as this are to be considered scum, and they give the true hacker a bad name. No skill or artistic expression is required to do what they do. The true hacker goes by his ethical code, respecting the computers he works on and hacks. Here is my code of ethics:

* Above all else, respect knowlege & freedom of information

* Notify system administrators about any security breaches you encounter

* Do not profit unfairly from a hack

* Do not distribute or collect pirated software

* Never take stupid risks - know your own abilities

* Always be willing to freely share and teach your gained information and methods

* Never hack a system to steal money

* Never give access to someone who might do damage

* Never intentionally delete or damage a file on a computer you hack

* Respect the machine you hack, and treat it like you'd treat your own system

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