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by Kitetoa
We are very good at hacking ham sandwiches or pizzas. So we felt it was about time to share and let you know how we do that. If you think you can help and share infos, or if you can code an exploit for that, please, use the form on this page. I will modify the white paper if your ideas are worth doing so. The add-ons you may send will be published on this page.

Nous sommes très doués pour hacker les sandwichs au jambon ou les pizzas. Alors, nous avons décidé qu'il était temps de partager notre savoir et de vous montrer comment faire. Si vous pensez pouvoir contribuer en apportant des informations nouvelles, ou, si vous pouvez coder une exploit pour ça, utilisez le formulaire ci-dessous. J'ajouterai vos modifications au papier sur comment hacker un sandwich au jambon si elles en valent la peine. Les ajouts que vous pourriez faire seront publiés sur cette page.

In this paper, I am going to describe how to hack a ham sandwich:

First you have do find on what OS this sandwich is running:
- white bread,
- brown bread,
- pizza pasta
- whatever

Then, you have to look at it's size. It might be very large and you may then need a lot of CPU to hack it:
- one foot long
- 2 feet long,
- whatever

Then you have to look at all the apps runing on it:
- sauce
- butter
- tomato
- ham (of course, but you need to see the kind of ham. It can be french, spanish, italian, american, whatever)
- whatever

Now that you know what kind of ham sandwich you will hack, you might choose the method you 'r going to use.

Of course, you can take advantage of known bugs.

- in belgian ham, there is Dioxyne which lets you format c: easy through a simple comand. Something like "load Dioxyne.exe, run dioxyne.exe, dioxyne will than --> format c:"
- in american ham it could be "Hormone" The bug is well known to lead to a big buffer overflow in the "Head" part of the admin...
- in french ham, you could use the well known bug "bad_english" and use a special comand like "ze french cancan iz a iz ze ultimate dance in ze worrrld". This might freeze the ham sandwich... Another french bug is "Mad Ham" that is a derivative to the "Mad cow" bug. This leads to make the ham sandwich admin become stupid and give away his sandwich if requested.

You can choose a method like:

- hardcore penetration (brute force)
ie: rooting the sandwich by trying to get the password (use a dictionary with usefull words like sauce, ham, butter, bread and simmilars). Of course NT, Linux and VMS are words that will not work. I wonder why you thought about those words....

- smooth penetration
ie rooting the ham sandwich using a simple buffer overflow in the butter partition (this method leads to your slow finger's insertion in the sandwich) or whatever

Once you rooted the sandwich, send a comand like:


instead of END


This Method/text file is Copywrong Kitetoa 1999

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