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A film by Hannu Puttonenvai al sito

Story of Linux A little operating system thatshowed the world an alternative…
Photo Sitevai al sito

SANE 2004 - Richard Stallman
NE2000 - 5 Year - 2004
CampZone 2004
MegaBit 2004
Fifth Hope
Cinekid 2003 Buildup
Chaos Communication Camp 2003 = 7-10 August 2003
Ballon Vouwen - 26 April 2003
Sun Day - 26 March 2003
Museumn8 2002 - 2 Nov 2002
20 Year EMMA TV - 2 Nov 2002
Cinekid 2002
Cinekid 2002 Buildup
Yella's Video Party 4 Oct 2002
Frisbee 29 Sept 2002 - Last Frisbee Event with Lisa :(
Frisbee 15 September 2002
SixFlags Holland August 2002
Tough Chicks - Amsterdam Ladies Rowing Team
Frisbee every week at Museumplein (Amsterdam) at 15.00
De Dam 1 Feb 2002 - One day before the Royal Wedding
BigBrother 2002
CineKid 2001 at De Balie - Amsterdam
Hekje XS4ALL 1997
't Klaphek
A magazine for dutch speaking hackers and phreakersvai al sito

We have a few articles in english. We also organize monthly meetings. If you don't speak dutch, we can advise you to read phrack or 2600. If you would like to send us any (serious) email please use
GNU's Not Unix!
The GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)vai al sito

The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU system. (GNU is a recursive acronym for ``GNU's Not Unix''; it is pronounced "guh-NEW".) Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as ``Linux'', they are more accurately called GNU/Linux systems. This is also the web site of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). The FSF is the principal organizational sponsor of the GNU Project. FSF receives very little funding from corporations or grant-making foundations...We maintain this free software definition to show clearly what must be true about a particular software program for it to be considered free software. ``Free software'' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of ``free'' as in ``free speech,'' not as in ``free beer.'' Free software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
Art Power Databasevai al sito

Real-Time Internet News and Resources: Legal Knowledge Database, Science and Technology, Background Knowledge, Critical Infraestructure, Tools, Artist, Computer Crime and Intelectual Property, Infraestructure Protection Center, Attack, Technologies To The People, Defense, Phoney, Techniques of Survival, Glossary, Dictionary.
Computer Security - Hacking & Hackersvai al sito

AntiOnline, one of the most respected and visited information security portals on the internet, is an internationally renowned computer security firm with an unmatched record of tracking computer hackers. We provide very focused content to our users which means that we're able to provide very targeted users to you.
Collections/New Technology/Hacking & Warezvai al sito

A collection of interesting articles on hackers which have appeared in the magazine over the last few years.
Tempory Anonyme Zonevai al sito

Underground Present. Alternative magazine with a strange commercial look that offers you present time on computer security, protection, hackers, virus, cybercriminals, crypting and privacy. News about hacked sites and phreaking. Interviews to hackers. [Francese]
Securing the World from itselfvai al sito

AntiOffline is comprised of a group of friends interested in computer security, Unix, politics, etc.. The site has been online since about 1997-98 first starting on a page where we poked fun at AntiOnline a wanna be security site filled with inconsistent information that usually is filled with outrageous claims, etc.
Home of Caezar's Challengevai al sito

I hope that the spirit of my parties lives on in this site, to the extent that this community can come together over time to solve the perplexing problems of modern network (in)security. This site is lovingly dedicated to the memory of all the livers that have been DoS'd during DefCons past. We will miss them.
TCroc's Nook of DrunkenRoot-Fuvai al sito

There is very little known about the DRUNK3NR00T-FU Masters. Many belong to a loosly nit group of security experts called The Ghetto Hackers. Yet some of them are completely freelance ninjas. The DR-FU Masters are more then happy to take your women your liquor and your computers if you care to donate. Contact Orange Ninja for further information on the DR-FU donation program.
The Ghetto Hackersvai al sito

A collective, think-tank and social club of gray-hat hackers. Contrary to popular belief, we do not have a "leader". Also be sure to read Caezar's chat with.
The Hacker's Defense Foundationvai al sito

The Hacker's Defense Foundation is a Not-for-Profit foundation dedicated and committed to the advancement of the hacking community, through education, of the social, political, and legal implications of the uses of technology, and seeks to enlighten the public and law enforcement about hacking community, through education, that hackers are not the lawless goons that law enforcement, the news media, and Hollywood would try to portray them as. The Hacker's Defense Foundation does not condone, support, or defend blatant criminal acts.
Linux Hackervai al sito

LinuxHacker is an attempt to provide one place on the web which brings together all the best news and information for Linux Hackers. It provides, in one big dynamically updated page, links to the latest entries from such top sites as SlashDot, LinuxWorld, FreshMeat, SegFault and more, as well as providing an interface to various major search engines and Linux specific search engines, Linux articles, and various mailing lists.
Hacking, Technopolitics & Activismvai al sito

The Hacktivist is dedicated to examining the theory and practice of and electronic civil disobedience while contributing to the evolution of hacktivism by promoting constructive debate, effective direct action, and creative solutions to complex problems in order to facilitate positive change.
Keeping Knowledge Freevai al sito

Hack In The Box is designed to facilitate discussions on security related topics, create security awareness, and to try and provide a comprehensive database of security knowledge and resources to the public. We aim to make HITB a single place, or community on the INternet where people and corporations can go to find security information and the latest news from the underground as well as from the computer technology sectors. The site provides access to security links and resources, including news, books, mailing lists, tools, products and security services as well. The staff at is committed to stimulation discussion between users and computer professionals to help Keep Knowledge Free. We hope you will find these resources useful.
Hacking and Activismvai al sito

Hacktivismo is a special operations group sponsored by the CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc). We view access to information as a basic human right. We are also interested in keeping the Internet free of state sponsored censorship and corporate chicanery so all opinions can be heard. The cDc is the most influential group of hackers in the world. Grandmaster Ratte' and Franken Gibe spawned the herd in 1984 in Lubbock, Texas. We publish the first and longest running e-zine in the history of the Internet, are thorns in Billion Gates ass, and are the only reasons worth getting out of bed in the morning. We're also very good at card tricks and dancing.
The web site computer criminals don't want you to read!vai al sito

Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking - GTMHH - Dedicated to good, old-fashioned harmless hacking.
Hackers Dot Com/Hackers.comvai al sito

At HDC we are sincere in our mission to teach the world the ethics of true hackers and of hacking. That there is power in knowledge - both in security and creativity. Please feel free to browse the old and the new of our dynamic and re-emerging site. The BBS is one of the best communities on the NET for learning and asking questions about hacking as well as having a safe non flame environment for those new to the arena to ask the so called dumb newbie questions. HDC has many volunteers that are contributing to this community, of which we owe extreme gratitude, and we welcome the diversity of all others to contribute as well. HDC is dedicated to the collection, and distribution of information about the industry for anyone interested in the subject. At HDC we are over 600,000 users monthly and growing... Join with us and set the record straight - Hackers are the backbone of Computer Science!
The Hack of the Planetvai al sito

News & Views from Wesley Felter: I believe that the creative use of technology (hacking) can not just make money but actually make life better. (It doesn't really matter what definition of "better" you use.) But I don't want to restrict my thoughts or actions to the Internet or the computer industry. Hacking can be applied to anything, so this site is called Hack the Planet.
Pride-Lands the Catman'svai al sito

Interview, E-Book on the hacking.
Attrition.orgvai al sito is a computer security Web site dedicated to the collection, dissemination and distribution of information about the industry for anyone interested in the subject. They maintain one of the largest catalogs of security advisories, text files, and humorous image galleries. They are also known for the largest mirror of Web site defacements and their crusade to expose industry frauds and inform the public about incorrect information in computer security articles.
Network Security - Your source for information securityvai al sito

Network is a daily updated security related news site. We offer information and files on the latestadvisories, viruses, hacking etc. The site has also large download sections that helps you get protected.
Computer Security Now :: Computer Security News for the rest of usvai al sito

Computer, security, news, articles, securing, secure, unix, windows, linux, exploit, nonprofessional, hackers, professional, skript kiddie, crackers, packetstorm, sniffers, spoofers, trojans, hacking, cracking, cryptography, pgp, des, cyberlaw, bo2k, aol, firewall, vpn, ipsec, proxy, proxies, hotmail, password, worm, virus, virii, satan.
Crypt0graphy Research Labs!vai al sito

Cryptography and Encryption TOOLS for applications online. No installation needed for free encrypt services.
The transmissor/Hackers vai al sito

"Hackers attack power using technology in a creative way. It is not a matter of using technology or not; the question is to do it by ourselves, or leave it to the big corporations". [Rop Gonggrjip] - The transmissor is a working tool to provide not only a free information flow but also an entry to certain pieces of information, some very hard to attain and whose broadcast does not interest media corporations. This idea is especially directed to students, artists, critics, professors, hackers, activists, and to all these people who lack confidence in unique information -"objective and truthful"- that widespreads the interests of States and of major companies through their mass media. Information is here, intelligence is your contribution.
The Rest of the Story of Textfilesvai al sito

TEXTFILES.COM was meant to capture the history of the BBS textfiles, not to give the latest exploits for web-based collaborative applications. [...] This site will contain all textfiles created on or after January 1, 1995. Why did I choose that date? Well, it's somewhat arbitrary, but 1995 can really be considered the year when the Internet went from being an interesting project to a new vital horizon. Work had been done on the Internet for decades, but with the creation of the World Wide Web a couple years before, 1995 was poised to be the final death knell of the non-networked, single phone line BBS. BBSes still exist to this day, even in the form they were from the 1980's, but they're just not the way that communication is done anymore. They're relics, and the kind of classic projects that harken to a different time that other similar technologies have been relegated to. There's still a lot to learn from them, to be sure (this is part of the reason TEXTFILES.COM is around to begin with) but to lump the files of that era with the World Wide Web of today is doing both sides a disservice.
International Knowledge eXchangevai al sito

The International Knowledge eXchange (aka IKX or iKx) is an international group of people that share common interests in some areas such as computer security, cryptography and viruses. Our intention is to bring to all the world some good news, documentations and even samples about these themes. Many of these topics are often considered as illegal or dangerous for someone, but we don't think so, this isn't true at all! We don't condone any illegal use of viruses or security exploits, we just want to discuss about them with all the other guys that are interested in this topics. Of course some of this informations and programs may be dangerous if they are used intentionally to do harm. A compiled virus or even a virus in source doesn't do any harm if you don't run it!
Free, Functional & Securevai al sito

Ognuno degli sviluppatori che lavora al progetto OpenBSD ha i propri obiettivi e le proprie priorità, in ogni caso si può fare una classificazione degli scopi comuni. Fornire la migliore piattaforma possibile di sviluppo. Permettere sia agli sviluppatore che ai normali utenti l'acceso a tutti i sorgenti del sistema. Integrazione del codice di qualità proveniente da qualsiasi fonte con una copyright accettabile. Vogliamo che il codice sorgente sia disponibile in modo che chiunque lo possa utilizzare per QUALSIASI PROPOSITO (legale), e senza limitazioni.Porre attenzione ai problemi di sicurezza e fissarli prima che lo faccio qualcun altro (cercare d'essere il sistema operativo più sicuro). Più integrazione di software criptografico.Seguito ed effettuamento di requisiti. Lavorare per raggiungere il fine di render l'albero dei sorgenti molto independente dalla piattaforma per riuscire ad offrire supporto per il maggiorn numero possibile di sistemi e di piattaforme hardware. Rimanere il più lontano possibile da qualsiasi tipo di politica. Le soluzioni si devono adottare solo in base al merito tecnico. Non permettere che i problemi gravi restino irrisolti. Fornire una buona piattaforma per la compilazione/sviluppo cross-platform.. Importare pacchetti esterni con piccole modifiche, affinché gli aggiornamenti risultino più facili. Fornire un feedback agli sviluppatori circa le modifiche effettuate.
A Lonely Source in the Netvai al sito

The project started back in early 1998 as an unofficial platform of the german hacking scene. the project tried to concentrate on all those things directly or indirectly involved with being a hacker instead of presenting a large variety of hacker tools and articles, put an eye on the funny and entertaining things of hackers. therefore and deep members initiate a project called deep radio, that features a live internet radio show with local deejays and hackers on the microphones. Deep radio slightly turned into an international internet radio show and we at decided to "internationalize" our server in order to reach all our friends.
The Hacker's Choicevai al sito

Welcome to the official THC website. THC is a short form for "The Hacker's Choice". THC was founded in 1995 in Germany by a group of people involved in hacking, phreaking and anarchy. Through the years THC was joined by other experts and grew to probably Germany's best hacking group. The intention of THC is to demonstrate weaknesses in common security solutions that can be found in telecommunication and network services. On this site you will find software and that were released by THC members. They should provide you with knowledge and the ability to check for security problems. We also want to advice you not to use any information or software provided on this site for illegal purposes. Respect the law as we do. THC is a non-commercial group, every line of code, of text and of this site has been written in our free time. So please excuse any uncomfort, we are trying to give our best every single day.
Kicking Ass Since 1994vai al sito

We shall go on till the end. / We shall fight in MOOsaico, / We shall fight in Necro and Lambda, / We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, / We shall defend ourselves, whatever the cause may be. / We shall fight on the Clock, / We shall fight on the Central Hall, / We shall fight on MOO Picnics and Dinners, / We shall fight in the folders. / We shall never surrender!
Help Net Security vai al sito

Help Net Security is a daily updated security related site. We offer information on the latest advisories, viruses, press releases, papers, etc. The site also has a large download section that helps you get protected, a well-stocked bookstore, and the largest Security Database of security products.
Security Groupvai al sito

TESO is an international group of young and motivated computer programmers and security enthusiasts. With more than one dozen members specialized in the network security field we do spend a lot of time in research and development of new vulnerabilities and exploitation tools that are useful to both 'hackers' and security professionals.
FreshMeatvai al sito

Freshmeat maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software, themes and related "eye-candy", and Palm OS software. Thousands of applications, which are preferably released under an open source license, are meticulously cataloged in the freshmeat database, and links to new applications are added daily. Each entry provides a description of the software, links to download it and to obtain more information, and a history of the project's releases, so readers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments.
By Linus Walleij - [Deus ex Machina Carceres ex Novum]vai al sito

The best text I have seen in Swedish on hacker cultures. Fairly comprehensive and some of the material on the history of hacker cultures in Sweden is quite unique.
By Linus Walleijvai al sito

This is the electronic version of Copyright Does Not Exist, a remarkable book written by Linus Walleij and translated from Swedish to English by Nirgendwo.
Hackmeeting Madrid 2002vai al sito

The name and the philosophy of this event have been borrowed from previous editions of Italian Hackmeetings, since 1998.( As happened in Italy, we would like to talk in a friendly atmosphere of things that worry the Internet community, in every aspect of its life: technical, political, artistic.... We would like to gather with people who still believe that it is possible to support each others' fight inside, outside and by means of the Net, that it is possible to know each others' fights and to share our visions. Who are we? Where are we going? Can we still create beauty with the machines?
The Cypherpunks Home Pagevai al sito

Welcome to the cypherpunks archive at Here you can find links to PGP, remailers, rants, various crypto-tools, newspaper clippings, and a good deal of other things. Keep in mind that because soda isn't running httpd files are being accessed by anonymous ftp. Soda has a 10 user limit on anonymous ftp so sometimes this archive may be unavailable
Cypherpunks Distributed Data-Havenvai al sito

Cypherspace is about building distributed internet services exhibiting availability and anonymity.
[CAUTION!!] an enigma in the world of psychology and sociology [CAUTION!!]vai al sito

Hackers have become some sort of an enigma in the world of psychology and sociology. Understanding their development and motivations has become a one of the areas of interest. However, up to this day, there has been a dearth of studies and some exploratory studies on them. There seems to be a dual standards when analysing hackers. To companies whose network they victimize, and those adversely affected by their "intellectual endeavors", they have become a menace. To most of the computing world, especially for programmers, there is a certain awe and fascination for hackers. Hackers are regarded with a certain degree of respect, not because of their acts of violations but because of their intellectual prowess. This presentation will try to report a number of exploratory studies about hacker development and motivations. By understanding their development and motivations, it is hoped that elements leading to the development and building of motivations of hackers would be checked and controlled. [Uhhh!]
Leggere anche sta roba qui, non è che vi faccia male...sempre che usiate la vostra testa! :D La curiosità non può avere nè limiti, nè barriere altrimenti sarebbe simile ad una prigione, ad una castrazione e non più espansione, estensione. Non c'è nulla da temere. Leggere per prevenire. Raccomando, però, cautela e ironia e se non bastasse ripetete all'infinito...Fuck the Control...Fuck the Control...Fuck the Control :))
Geschichten von Freund + Feindvai al sito

Hackertales - die Website zum Buch "Hackertales - Geschichten von Freund & Feind", Tropen Verl
Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontiervai al sito

Underground is the compelling true story of the rise of the computer underground and the crimes of an elite group of hackers who took on the forces of the establishment. Tracing an international ring of computer hackers which spanned three continents and nearly a decade of computer crime, author Suelette Dreyfus weaves a gripping tale against a backdrop of cutting edge technology. Underground uncovers the previously hidden story behind hackers from 8LGM, The Realm, the publishers of International Subversive and other linked Internet hacking groups. These elite hackers were the cream of the international computer underground and broke into tens of thousands of computers, belonging to some of the world's most prestigious institutions including Citibank, the Pentagon, NATO, the FT 100, NASA, Lockheed-Martin, Deutsche Telekom and Australian Telecom. After hacking the Defence Data Network's NIC, some had total control over the most important computers on the Internet - computers which would let them stop communications across the entire net. They divised methods of making free and untraceable telephone calls to hide their activities, invented worms, stalked, hacked and thumbed their noses at security experts such as Eugene Spafford & Cliff Stoll and reporters from the New York Times. They monitored the police -- while the police monitored them. The hackers came from all walks of life, gathering on-line in Germany from Australia, Europe, the UK, the US and Canada, to pursue their targets with an obsessive fervour. Irreverent, sometimes brilliant and always obsessed, many of the hackers found themselves addicted to their illegal behaviour. Some fell to drug addiction and madness, others were convicted and jailed for their crimes. Riveting as the finest detective novel and meticously researched, Underground follows the hackers through their crimes, their betrayals, the hunt, raids and investigations by the Australian Federal Police, the FBI, the Secret Service, the DST (French Secret Service) and Scotland Yard, and the resulting trials; their life on remand, on the run accross America, in prison, mental hospital and beyond. Based on more than two years of writing and research drawn from hundreds of exclusive interviews and telephone intercepts and over 30,000 pages of court documents, Underground is the first hacking book published out of Australia and the only one to delve into the mind and world of the international computer hacker. Critically aclaimed, it has been said that Underground is the only book to examine the computer underground with real depth and insight.

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