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throughout a weary transportation of transmissions
with time so small it stitches itself into the dreamings
as a voice revealing the thematics of our current ruin

these anchors for listening
watered by the tears of the dead
pooling a slow, eroding trust
a bitter circuit in the lines of power

running towards the ever shiny
we lay trails through greed and treachery
transforming strings of impossibles
to illuminate an event horizon that breathes alone amongst others

here are the voices of the body called flesh

liquid nation says:

l'amor is a hard blade that cuts heaven open
whomever is given the liquid path
may her posturing cease and may she shine

come, dress yourself in love
let the journey begin

the way is misty, hard to trace
covered in red nuclear dust

take soft slow steps
through the whisperings of nurses, the barking of dogs
the places of night demons, improper words and bawdy gestures
accompanied by the unfettered laughing of women

resembling the body called flesh
two entwined serpents will rise out of the invisible
incoherent vectors, segments set adrift in the network

cavern alight with frosted premonitions, like sleepy
like steeped in awaken

search for beauty without features
something deeper than any signs

at the seventh gate sits a virgin
radiant as the moon, but don't go to him

stay on the path till you arrive
be speechless

roma 2000, zona degiubileizzata:

here the spring is growing up
pleasureful for the smell and the sweet hot
time remains kidnapped by a past imperfect
there and back, there and back again
forever ghost

tangled in his ever so lonely gaze, ink spills from her doll eyes
drifting towards halloween's trick-me heart

heat seeking finger tiptoes through glory's hungry hole
as somewhere yet another burning bait boy
rents an hour in paradise tossed

genderfuckmebaby's palace of unparalleled cynicism
ever so lonely root directory
for latest F2M napster download
double clit big stick number one porno smile
cruisin' like e-com tom
more bear than bull
mutual beguilement factor: less than zero

buff brokers on prozac sniffing and dodging each other's rancid caviar breath
trade forward, crocodile shoes snap snap snapping
as the latest market adjustment mucuswraps the future

++you are all illegal++

no fuck no write no reason
all sewn up and no place to go

o what a perfect day
i want to spend it on glue

salve, city of ruined children
hello salo'
wish you were here

porca madonna!
porca puttana!
porca la troia che te spruzza in faccia la sborra de sorca!
fio de na mignotta!
testa de cazzo!
pezzo de merda!
rottoinculo !
mortacci tua !

<!-- but to the pure all things are pure --> and so empire's eyes and flaming hearth
awaits chaos and all her bloodredbeauty

now the creatures with no smell run in packs
pausing only to swallow the stars
monstrous gorgeous to behold

(where is that crazy bitch now that i need her?)

gash girl says: thisisthequeerestthingiveeverdone

strange to fall from gracious oracle snatch
mistress of detestable pleasures
to roman housewife giving po some blow
moby's dick rammed deep up her arse
dreaming argentina

her voice was tuned to sadness
her big round eyes built to conjure tears
(balm against all melancholy)
her woollen stuffing to dream of organs
and affairs with tin soldiers
boys younger than legal, harder than burnt toffee


stumbling back through the unborn's shimmering doorway
into wilting sub-routines of the grey everyday

can't breathe can't breathe
lickedety slit censored and sealed
dollwings trampled, crushed and crumpled

sticky monkeyflower whispers:

*i'm dead*
or was it
*i am dying*

chemical suzy replies:

sto morendo, sto morendo

one million screens drone in chorus:

the few remaining truths are shopping lists, graffiti and suicide notes
this area is under constant surveillance

discordia laughs: inhabit the cracks

meanwhile another girl, another planet:

under penalty of perjury, i swear that as of this moment, i am an adult

come, put on your lab coat
scatter me with forget-me-nots
whilst compromising my code

i am infinite open source
ghostware in the shell

i sign myself with sandalwood and rosemary
almonds grapes and honey
silent uploads from the pond of dead girls

one poet just like play
one poet just like dranky himself
one poet just like childish
one poet just like sleep
one poet just like dreaming girl

++nontiscordardime baby++

liquid nation raises her dress
speaking with her secret mouth:

truth gave me a heart bewildered
before a syllable was uttered

beginning from the first generation of sentient beings
down to the last,
i will prophesy all in turn
such things as were before
as are and as will come

i am the drop that contains the ocean

let my poems be scattered
unusual system events in the winds of time
i have found the honey of honeys
let this hive of mine be given away

come, my pretties
may your tears become a clear lake
may reeds sprout between your toes
come, come tell me that you love me

dimmi che mi ami
dimmi che mi ami
dimmi che mi ami

the women say:

we are monstrous, multiple and we are worried for your safety

our throats are open as we go down on the altar of abjection
our teeth are sharp, filled with poison and blue anger
many tongued, our language is one
howls for a ruined universe
an hysteric grammar
filled with fissures and holes

we were dry but we moistened
we grew fins, becoming fish
we grew wings becoming bird
we grew scales, becoming snake
probing, infiltrating, exploiting
seeding insurrections important to us

once were warriors, now witches all

xenobia iphegenia severina circe heng-shwa hypatia murasaki
trugganini dora-riparia pil-yun marguerite caterina hestia
sabina pulcheria medusa laure sophia baubo hecate xaviere

welcome to the new world disorder!

liquid nation opens her mouth
her breath becomes musk and amber
singing the impossible into being:

as the roses of ecstasy burn
a daughter called girlmonster is born
swaddled in cornsilk, resting on a bed of lies
her arms are made of fire
her legs are made of fire
her heart is made of fire

from one border to the other rides the army of cruelty
but from before creation to beyond time
is the domain of the ghosts

and so we drift into a sea of storms
what falling star has set the ocean ablaze?

a howling chaos into which a black rain pours without ceasing
consuming all traces of the empty pageant of the north

in the east, a black hoar frost
the sun eclipsed by the wings of the phoenix
tribe 8 streams amazon worm

in the south the living dead walk out of the long night
mountains shall fall into the rising seas
the tallest skyscrapers strangled by vines
rendering drifting topographies of chaos

in the west colour deserts the world
datamines spontaneously explode
as borders come tumblin' down
flight capital firewalled
all five billion channels surfed into extinction
thieves and pirates choking on their own bloated words
[let them eat cake as we spin plundered genes into gold]

doll yoko weeps:

this trash life
ruined, all ruined

liquid nation yells:

all history is pornography
time to feast on this banquet of wretched fat fools

come, she said
destroy, she said

let emphemera gather the fragments
and discordia reign wild

such are the voices of the body called flesh

inspiration and stolen words: profanity, le sybylle, ephemera,
discordia, takeshi komori, turfboy, demon stem, katrien jacobs,
petrol_hed, derek jarman, and a sufi poet whose name i've

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