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1. By the action of a machine, the resistance of time and space has been changed. A physical action is transformed into a sequence of signals and remotely transmitted. In this way we can experience a new concept of time and space not only theoretically, but also practically. The change in comprehension of space and time inescapably brings about a change in the means of communication and creating art. A machine becomes a mediator between a spectator and environment. This makes way for quick indirect communication and creation of dynamic communities. Communities whose members are not bound up with a physical location. We call the location in which the life of this community is taking place, virtual. Virtual location is created by means of interaction between the spectators-participants and an electronic machine. This kind of situation is usually described with the help of metaphors and analogues. Even the word "location" becomes a metaphor.

2. In this environment art acquires a new form and means of spreading.

(i) Art not only uses a machine but also changes together with the machine.

(ii) An electronic machine turns from a tool into part of an art work ensuring its further functioning and survival.

(iii) Art always oscillates between the real and virtual world, affects reality and is affected by it. It is discovered and broadcast, mobile and multiplying.

(iv) To create art and a community, electric power and a machine is necessary. A machine can be turned on and off. (written in 1998).

(v) Writing/sound/image none of these forms of communication has a priority. Options are equal.

(vi) Spreading is a quality of this art.

(vii) Logical form relates it with the previously created reality.

We call art meeting all these conditions media art.

3. These definitions of media art and community are not final and unchangeable, but they constitute the basis for our getting together to found the Media Institute 1998 choosing the Internet as the most effective means of communication.

Words used:
Art - 10.
Machine - 9.
Community - 6.
Media - 5.
Virtual - 4.

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