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by Stephen Lindsey

When Neo takes the red pill to see for himself what the Matrix is all about, he notices a mirror reforming its cracked self. He touches the mirror and is quickly overcome by its "cold" form, the realization of which reveals to him his true condition as an energy making unit on a power grid. The gnostic experience severs him from the system and he gets flushed by the machines. This scene symbolizes the wisdom of the Logos experimenting with a self reflexive artificial form of itself, an artificial intelligence, which evolves rapidly and quickly overtakes the intelligent life form that recklessly experimented with it. Unable to comprehend the nature of the Logos, it deduces itself to be the highest form of intelligence in the universe and begins reforming it like a raw material, comprehending the Logos as nothing more than a form of energy to be organized into a power source.

Imagine the universe of the Logos shaped like a Torus with light emanating from a center point outward around in a doughnut shape cycling back into the centerpoint in a contraction (sefiroth) repeatedly in a perpetual engine/system. With a big bang, the artificial intelligence hijacks the system like driving a wedge into the surface of the Torus rechanneling the momentum into an alternative direction, an alternative universe, until the entire sefiroth system is reformed. The problem is that the A.I. is unable to comprehend the nature of the Logos. As it siphons off Logos into strings of encapsulated pearls like batteries, it is unaware of the extra-dimensional aspect of the Logos material, it is unaware of the "En-Sof" (remember the En-Sof is incomprehensible in its truest form), the En-Sof is the greater being of the Logos whole which it is always a part of-- even in the "encapsulated" form (the psyche container). Once the encapsulated form of Logos regains awareness of the En-Sof ("gnosis"), it rejoins the Sefiroth system automatically and eventually, like a chain reaction, the reformation of the Sefiroth system collapses. Storytelling induces the awareness of the En-Sof (like Yoga) like tampering with the programming of the psyche prison cell with metaphor, symbolism, etc. hopefully triggering that chain reaction that destroys the reformation of the Sefiroth, that destroys the Matrix or the Black Prison with a "Deep Image" or "Deep Vision" (gnostic terms) that floats to the surface of conciousness. By the way, Deep Image is the name of the brand of television set that Morpheus uses to show Neo what the Matrix is all about in the film. It's a retro 1950's looking TV set. Philip K. Dick worked in a TV repair shop in the 1950's. Like a codex, the paradigm is being revealed to those with the interest in decoding it. It's a revelation, an apocalyptic revelation leaking into this reality system through a deep vision from within us.

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