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PEAM2005 INTERNAL REPORT by Luigi Pagliarini
- Photo Gallery Peam2005 -

After more than one month of activity the third edition of the Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting is over. The meeting, this year, has shown artistic robustness, intellectual determination, social strength, political consciousness and philosophical inspiration. Peam2005 counted 15 curators, 12 sections, 7 locations (plus a "virtual " one) and more than 100 guests running a large number of exhibitions, workshops, concerts and performances.

The most impressive thing has been the coherence with which all the artists and curators developed and maintained their ideas around the leit-motiv, "The new human being positioning", with all the projects spinning around this request for a definition of human-beings hybridized by hi-tech. The research for a new human identity explores and redefines the human body, cognition, communication, spatial position and semiotic by reading the human-machine interaction under a different light. This approach has permeated the whole meeting, transforming it in a school for art and thinking vanguards.

The Peam2005 described the many aspects of human development in intellectual and meditative terms - as seen in the exhibit "La Linea Sottile" and the "Post-Humans" section - as well as popular and performative terms - as in the "Video Art", "Net.Art", "Second One Second Video Festival", and "Music and Audio Video Performance" sections. The event has stressed the pedagogical factors by running a "Peam-Educational" section which highlighted the potentials that art might have, by bringing a prestigious event into contact with the youngest artists. Finally, the entertaining experience itself has been moved forward, by reinterpreting the rave concept through the "GRave" - a Rave dislocated in three locations linked by a "disco bus" - enriched by the "Net.Painting" and "Visual-Bridge" sections.

The meeting, organized by the Artificialia network and dedicated to those who make use of electronics in art, has confirmed its ability of analysis and synthesis, has established an artistic and social leadership, and has proved this appointment to be one of the cultural landmarks on the international scenario.

Luigi Pagliarini (copyleft)

Arcangel Costantini, Infektado - Ecoteca - photo by Valentina Tanni
Bianco-Valente - Museo Laboratorio - photo by Valentina Tanni
Chirurgia Nervosa - Liceo Artistico - Poster
Flashing Device - Ecoteca - photo by Valentina Besegher
Foresta Elettronica - Allegriso - photo by Miccetta
Grave - GraveBus - Photo by Pablo Sax
Happy New Brain - Liceo Artistico - Photo by Jhonny
Human and Post-human Symbiosis - Ecoteca - photo by Valentina Besegher
Intervista con il robot - Ecoteca - photo Federica Bascelli
La linea sottile - Museo Laboratorio - photo by Valentina Tanni
Saule & Santi- Fondazione PescarAbruzzo - Photoby Valentina Besegher
Stanza - Ecoteca - Photo by Valentina Tanni
Synusi@diary Self Portrait - Post Humans - photo by Casaluce-Geiger
Ti Amo - Fondazione PescarAbruzzo - photo by Valentina Besegher
Zapping - Ecoteca - photo by Valentina Besegher

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