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Come into my realm enter my domain. Your "perfect" socity has tried to mold me but I refused to conform to it. For this you seek me only to scilence me and my ideals. You label me stupid for not doing work, but why do it when I already have the concepts in my head that you try to tech me. I need not prove my level of intelligence to you for I know where it is at. So I do not have to prove anything to you. You feel as if you have tought me and can still teach me, you aren't going to teach me anything. You say you teach when all you do is teach the facts that your allowed to you have not told me no matter how many times I ask, why we pledge our alegince to a flag that stood for war, why detonate an atomic bomb that compleetly obliterated two major cities when the end of the war was close, why do you concentrate on making weapons that can kill when you could use that technology for good. You have never answered me thses questions and many more that is why I refuse to listen to your "teaching" anymore. I now learn from myself, from the mistakes of the past, and from others who see what I see and believe. You seek me for knowing the truth behind your lies, I admit it I know some of your lies but I do not know all of them, but I shall find them. You seek others like me who preech their message of chaos and anti-greed. You hate my kind and call me a rebel because I do not greed and exploit your system so that you may not greed. Yes I am a punk, a rebel, a hacker. Or perhaps I am somebody who thinks differently from you and who doesn't see why you do some fo the things that you do. Do it pursacute me please, you will never stop my kind till you stop yours from acting evil how they do. Then and only then once your greed, evil, corruption, hate, war is finished then my kind will fade out. But these things are impossible so my kind will never fade out and you will never get rid of us, so why try to scilence us when we know what we can to to improve or reformat your system. There is no ridding yourself of me and my kind.
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Released By DaMe`
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