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-=Welcome To the Shadows=-
A Crash-Course in the Undernet
by lnx. December 4, 1997

From what part of Hell did _you_ come from, young man? Perhaps
you're new to the whole game, without blemish nor praise, but more than 
likely your one of the pop-charted millions armed with your free AOL.  
You've entered our world now, we hope you enjoy it, what's that, its 
_your_ world? Let's review this again. You say you're a hacker, a 
cracker, "elite". Let me tell you now that your toes aren't even wet.  
You've dived into the shallow end, and think you can swim, armed with 
your "warez" sites and "elite cracker progz". Most of you won't graduate 
from TaLKinG LiKE tHIs; as you keep tabs on your cyber-girl and forget 
your real name. You wave at us all down at the other side, you shout 
"look at me!" but still you hide: you hide from the web of deceit and of 
lies, and yet of comradry unsurpassed in this family of the shadows. 
Kid, you're on your own now, unless by odd chance, a mentor swims to you 
and takes you by the hand. Unfortunately, although sharing of 
information is supposedly the core of all we do, this help is rarely so, 
unless sheer devotion is constantly shown. You sit in the corner, 
downloading "progz galorez", and yet your couldn't hack your way out of 
your room.

A 'hacker', or 'cracker', requires more than this. Dedication, 
Perseverance, most important. Unless you desire to take that leap and 
swim out, knowing full well you could ultimately drown, get out of the 
pool kid, you're fooling yourself- go play your Quake or grab a book 
from the shelf. But if you've decided to enter our fold, turn cool to 
the upsets, the crackdowns, the scolds; if you're indeed ready to lay 
down your life, then enter, my friend, and enjoy the ride.

Now that you're here, find someone to help; or if you desire, do
it yourself. Common misconceptions say you should seclude, become one 
with the PC and shut out the world. This is not true, but for the rarest 
cases. some of the world's best crackers have jobs down at Macy's. Don't 
sacrifice your health for the sake of the cause, life is necessary to 
enjoy the spoils. Do not expect to be in at first shot. You may never 
'get it', you may get caught. Nothing is perfect, nothing is fail-safe: 
if it were, then we crackers would have no place. Enjoy our world for as 
long as you stay, kid. Just remember-
Anything can be cracked, even you, now have a nice day, kid.

 lnx  (12/4/97)

 "crisis is only a state of mind.." -lnx

 "...I'm not that fond of violence, but it keeps me hangin' on..." 
("Casual Affair"/'Lemon Parade')

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