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Subject: [uXu-453] So You Want To Be A Hacker?

         [  So You Want To Be A Hacker?  ]             [  By drazQ  ]

So you want to be a hacker? (I'm sorry, but this is your life)
written by drazQ (

Hackers are evil, and powerful - they're the true action-heroes of cyber- space. Everyone wants to be a hacker, and everyone calls themselves hackers. It's all a media hype. It's all a cliche'. And it's all so pathetic.

IRC is crowded by the people who love to refer to themselves as hackers. The Internet is polluted by their meanings, ideas, pathetic deeds and their interminable bragging. Cyberspace is polluted by their ignorance.

They never stop, they never try to understand. They have no clue what it's all about. They got their first modem in the 90s and went straight on the Internet (Bulletin Board System? Say again?). Even if they try, they can't understand. They're influenced by the others - the others who are just like them. The others who just want to be hackers. The others who call themselves hackers. It's a never-ending circle, and it's so easy to get into it. It's dangerously easy, and once you're in - it's no way back. I know it sounds like a cliche', but it's the truth. That's what it's like.

So, who are you? Where do you stand? Why do you want to be a hacker? Have you ever asked yourself those questions ... - and gotten an answer you were comfortable with. Are you sure? I think you're influenced. Influenced by the media hype no.1 of the 90s. Influenced by the ignorant people you associate with. Influenced by texts like this, in magazines like this. I KNOW you are influenced. You can read thousands of texts, discuss hacking with thousands of people - but you won't understand anything before you understand the real hackers. The people who don't even want to call themselves "hackers" anymore, because of what it has become. A pathetic, commercial cliche'. Used and abused.

Am I different from you? Maybe, maybe not. I like to think so, but if I sit down and think - try to understand - I realize that I also am influenced by the ignorance. Maybe we're all the same, the "hackers" of the 90s.

So what do I want with this text? I want you to think. Lean back, enjoy a Schweppers, and THiNK.

 uXu #453              Underground eXperts United 1998              uXu #453
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