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Hacker... ...what a strange word... What is a hacker exactly ?
I think that every hacker has its own definition, we all have our reasons...

    I am a hacker because I am curious,
    I want to go further,
    I want to know how it works,
    I want to understand,
    I do not want to be restricted by any security system,
    I want to be free,
    I do not want to suffer restrictions,
    I want to take up challenges, to get better everyday.

Hackers are known for being dangerous...

Our only goal is the Knowledge,
and because the Knowledge is the Power,
we are considered as dangerous.
But we are not dangerous, we have an Ethique, we respect rules.
Only the riffraff will steal, abuse or exploit you for a material profit.
You do not have to feel dreadful, we will not arm you without a good reason to do it.
We are not insane people, we do not cause damage just for the pleasure.
Yes some hackers are thieves, they only hack for money or material benefit.
I do not like these people, they are pests.

To my mind, we are useful.
We help people to improve security systems, we want administators to do that.
After all, we are users, like you.
We are useful, because we have our point of view, the point of view of those who know,
the point of view of those who have nothing to sell.

This point of view is different from any other, when they tell you that piracy costs
millions of dollars, we tell you that they sell you crap for the price of gold,
when they tell you that a system is safe, we tell you it's not.

Listen to us, you are not obliged to believe us, but be open-minded,
ask yourself where is the truth. Have you ever remarked that all that you know
about computers came from the same source?

They want you to hate us, to fear us.
Do not believe them, believe in nothing, try to understand...
So, spend few minutes with us, take the time to learn, to see things from our eyes...
...everything will sound different then.

Welcome to our side, the side of those who want to know.

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