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WHY I'M A HACKER by Wraith
"I am a hacker. I didn't label myself that, you did. At first I hesitated at calling myself one, for fear of ostracism from other hackers, but I quickly realized that that label was a compliment, not a condemnation. I have an innate curriosity that surpasses what you could ever begin to imagine. I love to figure out how things work, to solve problems, and to explore whatever I can get my hands on. I just want to learn, to experience all I can, but you are afraid of me, and label me criminal.

I am a hacker, and I am proud! For we are just like any other minority group of the past. We are feared, mislabled, and outcast because we are different and misunderstood. Yet, we exist as a whole without regard to background, social status, or other factors from which the rest of the world judges itself; and we grow stronger everyday in our quest for knowledge and fulfillment, striving ahead in a society which represses and despises us for our natural abilities, talents and inate curiosities.

From this, we take refuge in the company of our brothers along the outter limits of the norms that people, like you, have tried to impose upon us unjustifiably, and in doing so, you try in vain to intellectually enslave us and eventually turn us into carbon-copies of yourselves. Eventually, you will realize that you're fighting an invisible foe in a war which you cannot possibly win, where the future of humanity is at stake. As you and all that think like you have yet to discover, you are not opposing a single person, but a collective conscience of generational thinking that will govern the masses and promote decentralization as well as intellectual freedom for all."

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