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2002/ 2003 HIPPIES FROM HELL 53 minutes English Subtitled -DUTCH spoken- IP-productions, directed by Ine Poppe, DV

Hippies from Hell is the first film online in the Waag Connect programme. Waag Connect is a project of Waag Society, offering experimental public cultural network space and (very high) bandwidth.

Hippies from Hell are a group of hackers, techies, artists, writers and puzzlers. In the eighties they published hacker magazine Hacktic and in 1993 they started the first Dutch Internet-provider, xs4all, thus opening the Internet for the general public. Apart from this they throw wild parties and organize open-air hacker festivals, using the Internet as their social platform. On their mailing list they discuss almost every aspect of our technology infested society. The Dutch hackers, as the hippies were called initially, are a special group within the international hacker movement, which they helped create for a large part. In the film artists play with hardware, young hippies hack their school-calculators, lock pickers open locks without a key: hacking is not just fooling around with technology, it is an attitude, an activity, a verb.


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